Things are going to change.

I love writing. It's a part of who I am. Even as a child, I would prefer to write out my thoughts and feelings in a letter, poem, song, and eventually blogs. I realized that writing is more than a hobby—even if it feels like work sometimes—it's a gift.

The thing about gifts is that they should be shared and never abused. Gifts should feel good to do.

Things are going to change.
Rather than focusing on my super eventful, non-parent approved adventures, I want to share #wisewords that may actually help you or someone you know. More life lessons.

For one: never have expectations. But what you can expect is honesty and authenticity – not that it ever lacked. You can still expect stories, but only when relevant. You can expect a variety of topics from travel and budgets to good food, music, friendships, relationships, spirituality, and just good ol' words of wisdom. All from the prospective of a young professional.

I expect to have better frequency in posts  hopefully you'll see 2-4 /month for now. I'll start the next as a tie-in to my #Californiwakening trip. It certainly was awakening and revealing...I guess that's what a lot of alone/God time will do!

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