So far gone

Enter into my world. It's been a crazy 6 weeks. The best week of my life was the first week in Australia - filled with adventure.  I was motivated to do more, get out more, experience more, and learn more. I learned a little something about myself. I realized who I can count on; who my friends are back home;  how to live my life when no one I care about is looking; that kisses are a precious gift that can't be shared with everyone; that chocolate is God's gift that can be shared (esp. Nutella); that no matter where I am, I'm only going to have fun being myself; that the people constantly around me should always bring positive energy; that nothing is impossible -- absolutely nothing.
My life has been crazy, which is crazy.
I anticipated a crazy experience and I got what I wanted.
Sex. Drugs. Rock n Roll. (well, less of some things than others *sigh*)

I'm ready for what's next. I'm ready to continue having fun while staying grounded. I want a partner to join my journey.

It all comes down to what girl I want to be and the way I want other people to see me. You too.