Y'all ready for some noise?

My first day in Dallas was spent with my supervisors, who geniusly suggested a trip to the local market to save money and time throughout the week. I stocked up on a big bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer, and some grocery items that really ended up getting untouched. Although I only made it through 1 beer, the wine came in handy for pre-gaming several outings throughout the week! We headed to karaoke for the night and enjoyed the presence of our other coworkers based out of New Mexico, Kentucky, and Texas.

Six hours of free time on Saturday left me to roam the city of Dallas all afternoon. I was excited to meet and mingle with locals; but to my surprise, the city was not as booming as I'd hope from about Noon to 4pm.

The Dallas Art Fair was "happening" from April 12-14, but perhaps I missed all of the festivities...
I walked into the Arts District, where I encountered one of the coolest parks I have ever seen for children and families alike. There were food trucks aligned the street/sidewalk and people simply enjoying the sun on a Saturday afternoon. I was particularly impressed by the pianos (2), bright colors, and a display of books, magazines, and boardgames for all to enjoy simple, clean fun. Walking through, I felt as if I was in a Dr. Seuss book without the music or oddities. I took a few snapshots and continued on my journey...

I walked around the city in hope of some excitement; headphones blasting a 5 hour playlist my boyfriend made in my ears. It was the perfect ammo I needed to keep the juice flowing.

After a great flight to Dallas on American Airlines Friday, I noticed they also have a building in Dallas. The closer I got...the more I realized it's not "just" a building. It's the home of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars (Hockey team). I was quite disappointed to not find any Dallas Cowboy signage until someone pointed out that this is not football season...

After seeing some beautiful attractions and what Dallas, Texas had to offer, I was starving. I wanted something that made me feel like I was in Texas.

Texans love their cows. Heck, Texans love their meat! I stumbled onto Main Street, where I found a few restaurants that seemed promising.

I ended up at Hoffbrau's Steakhouse, a well-made decision! I had my heart set on steak until a local convinced me otherwise. He told me the quail and sausage were hearty and would bring me to a place of comfort. :)

He was right. I indulged on sausage and 3-cheese mac 'n' cheese, paired with a small salad and 2 bread rolls...topped off with a margarita - for $15.  

Best first real meal in Texas by-far! I even had enough leftover for Sunday's lunch!

Unfortunately, with yummy sausage came the beginning of my tooth pains that very much affected the remainder of my trip...

Live from Dallas: Opportunities Await

Beyond an "educational training" conference, this trip is an opportunity.

The excitement and stories I have encountered in my life are based on opportunities that presented themselves, as well as a desire to take full advantage of any experience that may never happen again.

The key to maximizing experiences involves the realization that you only get one chance. And one opportunity.

The time is now. There will NEVER be another chance or moment that is the same as another. Whether it is the layout of a location, an audience or people you are with, or even the emotions and thoughts being deposited into your brain that cause you to remember that very moment by sight, taste, touch, and smell -- you will only feel that exact way once.

As my first time to Texas and my first professional trip, I plan to take complete control of my surroundings through positive attitudes and behaviors. I'm not so much impressed with the Downtown Dallas area by the Dallas Convention Center (I am staying at the Sheraton right next door), but I am hoping that my opinions will change once I explore the city this afternoon.

It is also my mission to visit the famous Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, after my dear Adam Richman from Man v. Food Nation gave the restaurant a fond recommendation on the Travel Channel.

I'm not so sure if everything is bigger in Texas, but we'll see....

p.s. nothing like a good playlist from a special someone to keep you going :)

Until then, peace out y'all.

Week of the Draw: [right] it up

I miss writing.

It happened in Australia when my laptop disappeared and my blogging stopped. I got a little pink notebook; and it became my everything. I wrote all my thoughts, fears, "lessons learned", letters to God, and personal insights in this little pink notebook. In times when I had nothing or no one, I had my book. I could still release my thoughts, twisted and unjudged. It's not something I would want anyone to see or read, necessarily...but it's too late now. I'm not sure what happened to that little pink notebook. One minute I had it at the Hungry Jacks (Aus. version of Burger King) and in the hallway of my apartment, and the next - gone.

I miss writing. I miss letting my creative juices flow. I started sketching last year. I realized that a new outlet was needed since I couldn't sing out loud while living in other people's homes (during my "homeless" season last year). I suppose the option of writing was always there, but I like to write in a place that is my own [head], in peace and quiet. Anything I could think of writing was too personal and deep for thought. I will have a book eventually and let it all out one day...

For now, it's back to the things I like. Letting those creative juices go and conquer for good.

I will be going to Dallas, Texas for the first time on Friday morning with my company for a conference. My blogging has not been as up-to-date or current as I would like, but that is about to change. Please, look forward to it.


P.S. To anyone who finds/found that little pink notebook, please email me...(contact info inside...)