Just Give Me A Reason

Hello, there.

I realize that my travels exceed the number of blogs I've written in the past year. I'm not sure why my writing keeps coming in random spurs, but I have to feel the inspiration. These days, inspiration takes more than a trip. It takes wanting to share the details with all of the people who can and want to listen. I traveled to Dallas in April and May, Boston in October (lovely city), New Jersey/New York in July (2012), and China in June ('12). Details and reviews in the recent blogs posted have been limited during that time, but I've been a little preoccupied...

Last March, I hit it off with a wonderful man and recently landed the perfect opportunity to jumpstart my career. Two things that will keep you distracted - careers and romance.

A week after I started my new job, they had their annual conference in Dallas, TX. Ironically enough, I found myself back in Texas for a second time within such a close period of time (April & May)... It was like another chance to live my Dallas experience and I took the time to relax and enjoy every day as a fresh start. I spent most of my time working the conference and getting to know my new co-workers, but I left time for me to decompress. I even made it out for dinner with a friend from undergrad!

About two weeks after Texas Pt. II, I set out for another adventure! My boyfriend and I hit the road to enjoy a weekend of music, memories, and fun.

The Head and The Heart
The Head and The Heart in RIVA**
Although I enter state lines daily, that Friday was different. We made an afternoon departure for Richmond, Virginia to see The Head and The Heart on Brown's Island. After spending 3 hours in Virginia's [fabulous] traffic congestion, we checked into our [free*] hotel and headed to the show.

The night was fantastic. The music was spectacular. The mood was perfect. Everyone was enjoying the tunes, drinking beer, and loving it all. Apparently, this type of thing goes down every weekend over the summer on Brown's Island; and they call it "Friday Cheers." While I don't know most of the artists they have lined up, THTH was definitely worth the distance and time.

After the concert, we needed to refuel and ended up at The Well - which came highly recommended for local late night dining. The food was delicious/cheap, and the scenery was a small corner [college] bar with perfect mood lighting. We headed back to the hotel to prepare for another day of adventures.

Saturday morning, we ventured to Virginia Beach. We spent time walking on the beach and main waterfront strip. It was your typical commercialized beach scene, but it was nice to be there with a guy I was into...as opposed to family trips to the beach that seem so much more familiar. It was a good time and quite relaxing. We did make it to a cute, house-like restaurant called Tautog's. The food was delicious, but I was sad when the only two things I asked for were conveniently the only two things sold out for the night (guess I have good taste buds).

Tautog's Restaurant
Photo courtesy of Tautog's
The evening was pleasant and the weekend was moving at such positive, forward pace. It was like nothing could bring down the momentum, and nothing did. I was enjoying every moment of the trip so far.
We checked out of the hotel on Sunday and headed back toward the Maryland line...with a detour. Instead of taking the guaranteed traffic route back (e.g. I-495/I-95), we drove toward the Eastern Shore and ended up on Chincoteague Island. The longer drive was beautiful and offered more time to spend with my travel partner. Although the weather on the island was not as pleasant as we wanted and the water was a bit cold, we walked in the calm and peaceful breeze on the ocean/river front. It was truly wonderful.

Chincoteague Island
Chincoteague Island Horses
**Chincoteague Horses

I am still going on adventures and I still love to travel. I do apologize for not sharing the special details from my other trips, but eventually, they will come. For now...I anticipate the next trip to be as good as the last and hopefully better. The next travel adventure will be to Pennsylvania..an interesting treat with my guy and his friends. All I know is that there will be beer.


*Courtesy of going to Dallas with both of my companies and staying in the "right" hotels each time, I managed to score enough points for a free room.
** All photos, unless otherwise indicated, courtesy of J.G.