NY Connection: Find your beat!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Your New life! This time last year, I was still cranky, easily agitated, and ready to throw myself back into the lion's den/world at a moment's notice. Fortunately for me, I could not really do all of those things without eyes and ears around me, i.e. people who care.

In January 2012 (only 19 days after returning from 'Down Under' - literally), I set sail for another adventure. The Big Apple. For an opportunity of a lifetime...

Network. Network. Network!

That was the theme and moral of my trip to New York. It was the 10th annual New York City site visit trip with the School of Communication and KOGOD [Business School] from American University (also sponsored by the AU Career Center).

Group at the Associated Press
Property of Nicole Federica
Four days were spent at various companies throughout the city and my journeys led me into different boroughs. I was lined up to visit Nickelodeon, the Associated Press, Fox News, Condé Nast, and Arcadia Creative.

In front of my feet laid opportunities to meet and mingle with people in various industries that I, myself, would love to conquer one day.

My experience was pleasant, except that my mind was still in a fog.

I'm writing more than 12 months later, regretful for not being in my field and without taking advantage of the opportunities presented before me in New York as well as Washington, DC in my last semester of uni.

It's interesting to look back so long ago and realize what I missed, and wonder why or how I let myself get so far away from reaching some of my goals.

I determined that this is my field. This is my passion. Networking, communicating, meeting people, making connections, bringing others and ideas together to do the same thing.
How didn't I see it then? How do I make up for it now?

New York was still an amazing trip and I did have the opportunity to ask questions, observe behavior from leaders in the industry, and learn about what I could potentially do with my life. I even had the opportunity to go back in July to meet up with a friend from Australia (pianist/producer Daniel G Felix from my performance @ the Sydney Opera House).

One thing I learned from my experiences abroad, and in life thus far, is that people where placed on Earth to create a community and work together. Society caused us to become wrapped up in our own "institutions" and processes that we forget about the people who help create a system that flows. Even those at the top forget, or at least refuse, to acknowledge that their positions, money, and power is due to the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of individuals at the 'bottom' who devote countless hours to ensure that these processes actually function properly.

Essentially, nothing matters; but people matter. Humanity is all we have when there is a need for  clothing, food, or shelter; and there is no money or bank accounts, no tabloids, no tablets, no technology, or material "things" to keep us occupied with the matters of nothingness.

Too often, too many forget. Networks and connections - they matter. At the end of the day, you only have yourself and your network. Nothing else.