Why so long?

The conference began on Sunday an it was so nice to put names to a face! We had a "new hire" dinner for all of the new employees who started after March 2012 at the Dallas Fish Market (sister to Chophouse Burger - my first Dallas dining experience). The food was delicious with a preset menu and several options to select from. I guess going for the steak was not my best decision after tooth pain from the night before...but when in Texas, LOVE the red meat!!!!

I eventually made my way to Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse with some major disappointment, and introduced my friends to Wild Bill's Western Store - where you can find boots on boots on boots!

I have never seen so many boots in my life, but that is possibly because the farthest I've been out West is Chicago (minus my trip to Australia and the hours of waiting in LAX).

Unfortunately, my tooth took it's final hit with the "BBQ" brisket from Sonny Bryan's; and I needed a solution.

Bourbon, anyone? Or whiskey? Either way, you forget that you're hurting and I was told a little swishing around my mouth would help numb the pain. A select few and I headed to the hotel pool with wine and bourbon in hand.

The next two days were a bit of a blur due to the intensity of my toothache and my primary goal became to make it stop. Even with antibiotics, 'real' pain killers, and peroxide, I felt helpless.

I did meet some cool people and got a taste of what professionalism should be while away on business. I definitely did not do it all right, but I learned a few things that will help me in Round 2 (please standby....). I made new connections and got an opportunity to discuss theories/beliefs about life, religion and love. I had time alone to think and reflect about my life and where I thought I would be and want to be at age 22.

I'm still not 100% sure; but I want to be happy. I want to live comfortably without worrying about what's next or spending an extra $1 in my bank account that I don't really have. I want to know that getting into so much debt for my undergraduate college education was worth it. I want to end up in a career that allows me to help people realize their true potential and the unlimited opportunities. And I want to love and be loved until there is no more love to give.

Thank, Dallas. I don't [/didn't] plan on coming back for you, but it was definitely good while it lasted.

Thnks fr th mmrs.


Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse on Main St.
Same corner

Watching from Above
So I tried too...