Show Me A Good Time

Why do we gravitate toward doing things we think we should do rather than the things we want to do? How does it become challenging and difficult to do things we once loved so much? Is it a loss of interest? Is it OK to be idle and comfortable--or is that being lazy? Is it time that seems like a constraint or like something that will always be there?

Priorities play a big factor; as does will and desire. I am a firm believer in "if you want to do or get something enough, there is nothing that will stop you from making it happen." Time is added to the schedule, preparations are made, and you get it [done].

I'm not sure if it's post-college life, but I haven't been as dedicated to making time for some things I feel like I should do. I also want to feel bad -- and even mentioning this may mean some guilt is in there, but I enjoy not being [pro]/active. Then I wonder if it's because I'm using up so much energy toward other places that aren't necessarily nourishing for the time spent.

Time is money; and time is life. Each moment that we use and each moment that we "waste" is time that could have been spent on something else. What's the best thing today and tomorrow?

There is also power in comfort and only doing just enough. When the right boundaries aren't in place, it's also possible to lose your reality and fall into someone else's. It's interesting how we get caught up in the every day and move based on an agenda that's not completely predicted by us so easily. Do you ever feel comfortable in living and doing just enough? 

...then, Vegas.
I really expected falling in love with the city, but I wasn't. I couldn't. The moment I walked off the plane, pokies (aka slot machines) greeted me and I knew that I would be in for a treat. I assumed being in the city of sin would mean more temptation...but it was not the storyline I plotted in my mind. Everything about Vegas is what I expected, but I was different.
I felt different. I felt out of my element--as if I didn't belong there. I stayed at the beautiful Caesars Palace (which you may recognize from the Hangover movie) and enjoyed everything about it, excluding the prices and indoor smoking policies (although both apply to all of Vegas). I took some extra time to really settle in and take it all in after I checked into the room.

As I love to do in every new city, I headed outside and took a walk down the strip. The streets were exactly what I expected and filled with all types of crazy! There were interesting characters--some I recognized from comics and some just odd. People freely enjoyed their open beverages in the streets without any hassle or public damage. Passes for night clubs, concerts, show girls, and "show" girls were hot along the strip, but most of the promoters I saw were not. Most valuable thing I am taking back from visiting the city? There are lots of jobs for everyone!

Oh! That was January 2014. :) I made it out to Vegas a second round in January 2015 and had the opportunity to work with a great videographer that had been there for a while. He shared more insight to thw city and it helped change my view for the better. 

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