It was all yellow.

I can't believe it's 2014 and I have unpublished blogs. I start writing, but can never complete the thought. It's as if I get to a point where my mind decides it doesn't want to feed me more words, more wit, more thoughts to put down.

It's 2014, and I'm looking to change that. I'm looking to change several things in my life. It's time to make things happen and not just think about the fact that it needs to be done or that I want it to be done. No more being idle. No more watching and waiting.

My turn to rise up!

2013 was pleasant and filled with travels for me and my beloved. Over the summer, we joined 12 others for an adventure in a strange house in the woods with no internet.

Only two (2) hours outside of D.C. is a house unlike any other that I've seen. I never thought I would come across a place like Brewhouse Mountain Eco-Inn in York Haven, PA.

It was in July when a group of youthful, free souls joined together for some fun over the hot summer weekend. It was magnificently detailed and clearly someone's treasure.

Brewhouse Wall of Beer Cans - view from upstairs hallway
Image by Neha Gautam
We arrived on a dark and stormy night (literally lol), but our curiosity loomed. With 12 others eagerly prepared to explore our new haus for the weekend, it was just us and the woods away from the rest of the world.

There were figurines and odd statues from the mid-1900s and more importantly, the walls were lined up with containers of beer in all sizes–kegs and cans–from the past century (possibly more).

Figurines - Elvis Presley, vintage Budweiser can, and Jesus
Image by Neha Gautam

Each room had its own theme based on the cans in the room; there was the Pacific, Germany, America, and Africa and EurAsia. Every element of the house and every single room was unique and well organized/planned. I slept in the bright and beautiful Scandinavian/Swedish Room.

Brewhouse Wall of Beer Cans
Image by Neha Gautam

We had fun; partied in the game room with strobe lights; drink skippy; went hiking; and made it a weekend to remember. I would do it all over...perhaps in a new house with the same people... just for different stories.


Fast forward to November with the autumn season slipping away, and the adventure continued in Pennsylvania to Philly.

It was my second time to Philly–if 1 unplanned overnight for American Idol auditions at 16 counts (itinerary was pretty strict)–and I was pretty excited. My boyfriend and I made it a trip right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

I was eager to explore the streets of brotherly love and see what one of America's favorite cities had to offer. It was also another opportunity to have a mini-road trip and see some friends.

We walked around the city from South Street through Old city, until we were in Southwest Philly overlooking a view of Camden. Beautiful sight.
The city, that is. The streets were filled with expressions of art, theatres, and busy people. We made it to Isaiah Zagar's art museum, Philadelphia Magic Gardens; and a magical place it is. The museum is a collection of amazing mosaic art all placed together in a crazy, poetic way—on the walls, floors, portraits, chairs, and random streets throughout the city—if it's there, it has been Zagar'd. There is so much to see that it is impossible to catch everything. Our friend and Philadelphia resident says it's her favorite place to go and she discovers something new every time. The best part about the art there is that it is constantly changing and new exhibits are being added.

I believe it.
Photo courtesy of J.G.
Of course, we tried a recommended cheesesteak at Jim's Steaks on 4th and South Street. Splendid and delicious, it was! Perfect way to start the day before heading back to DC.

Philly–I liked it. I felt the love. I felt good vibes all around. I would do it again and maybe again. It's nice to go into a new city or a new place in general. It feels good to start fresh .

Welcome, 2014.
, I'm ready.

Next stop: Las Vegas, Nevada

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